the Arts as healing for freedom

Healing is necessary for full freedom.

Often healing that eludes can be due to situations or people that we do not want to face. If it's safe, and if it's time, the Arts provides the most profound + poignant path into these areas that can call for our attention so that we can (finally) heal.

candi dugas collective specializes in storytelling artforms in safer + supportive spaces, shaping today narratives while honoring tradition's wisdom + steadfastness. We thoughtfully infuse our work with alternative approaches to recognizable issues to shift us forward in meaningful ways, allowing our healing to be sustainable.

This is contemplative creativity™.

Celebrate with us the healing we've facilitated through art, and look forward with us into the future:

Once we heal, we affect the ability + create the capacity to live into the fullness of freedom that's previously been elusive. We have room now to manifest dreams, and to hold onto progress long enough to bequeath diverse inheritances to our descendants.

Our approach to freedom produces both intangible and tangible results that last. Explore our resources + connect!