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Trigger + Content Caution

SoulsRhythm Sanctuary may center or share content that is triggering for you. It may also include profanity, sexually suggestive depictions, et al. Please note this caution as you make your choices.

Also - depending on your spirituality, you may want to add/shift words/language of lyrics. We invite you to explore your engagement with the music in ways that may not be familiar to you. 😊✨

the Order

  • hey, there! (greeting/welcome)
  • gratitude + goodness music (1 or 2 for gratitude, 1 for goodness)
  • reading/spoken word
  • music/meditation before the message of truth
  • the people's message of truth
  • announcements + receiving donations
  • your blessing for tomorrow (benediction)

scroll down and click on the images (which may take a moment to load, depending on your wifi speed) or the hyperlinked titles to choose the elements of your experience

may it be all you need in this moment! 🤗

gratitude + goodness

gratitude 1

  1. "Optimistic," by Sounds of Blackness, @ohnoitisnathan7239 on YouTube
  2. "Modeh Ani," Hebrew Songs with English Subtitles,  @channelawesome13524 on YouTube
  3. "Anthem of Praise (Psalms 150:3-6; 34:3)" by Richard Smallwood, @fabricioviagens on YouTube

RTs (minutes)

  1. 4:57
  2. 4:00
  3. 8:58 (NOTE: Feel free to listen up to the length you'd like.)

gratitude 2

  1. "The Beat Goes On," by Orbit, @classicgrooves on YouTube
  2. "Being With You" by CC Sunchild, @ccsunchild on YouTube
  3. "Yemoja (Mother of All Waters)" by Ella Andall, @nathaniellewisOrisa on YouTube

RTs (minutes)

  1. 6:44 (NOTE: Feel free to listen up to the length you'd like.)
  2. 2:26
  3. 10:26 (NOTE: Feel free to listen up to the length you'd like.)


  1. "I Wanna Be Where You Are," by Michael Jackson, @enzo_gd_contribution on YouTube
  2. "There's Nothing Better Than Love," by Luther Vandross + Gregory Hines, @luthervandross on YouTube
  3. "Blessed Assurance," by Crystal Lewis, Crystal Lewis - Topic on YouTube

RTs (minutes)

  1. 3:05
  2. 5:15
  3. 3:55

reading/spoken word


  1. "Bits and Pieces: My Mother, My Brother, and Me," by Whoopi Goldberg with Anderson Cooper (preview of future "All There Is" podcast episode), @cnn on YouTube
  2. "Misery and Grief," Instagram Carousel Post by @blackliturgies
  3. "Losing Yoga to the West," by Zarna Garg, @comedydynamics on TikTok

RTs (minutes)

  1. 5:51
  2. 4:29
  3. 0:41

music/meditation before the message


  1. "Misery and Grief," Instagram Carousel Post by @blackliturgies
  2. "By Your Side," by Sade, @SadeSME on YouTube
  3. "Bag Lady," by Erykah Badu, @erykahbadu2414 on YouTube

RTs (minutes)

  1. 4:29
  2. 4:25
  3. 4:21

message of truth




  1. "Is There a Science to Happiness?" Chasing Life Podcast by Dr. Sanjay Gupta
  2. "The Pressure of Transformation for Black People," by Professor James Small, @jagunsango on TikTok
  3. "A Good Day, A Grateful Day," by Br. David Steindl-Rast on InsightTimer

RTs (minutes)

(NOTE: Feel free to listen up to the length you'd like for any of the longer below choices.)

    1. 29:27
    2. 5:07
    3. 5:23

announcements + receiving donations

ways to give

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  2. Zelle (email us for credentials)
  3. Buy the Collective a Coffee
  4. Tax-deductible option

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your blessing for tomorrow