"I only hear wonderful things about the programs you've been producing. Everyone involved always seems SO HAPPY from start to finish." ~Erin Considine, Playwright

"candi knows how to invite her contacts into changing the world." ~Rev. Mindy Johnson

"Everywhere I go, from ATL to NYC, I talk you up - from other playwrights to producers - about the very special work you're doing with Broadway Brunch." ~Rebekah Suellau, Director/Playwright/Actor

"I've never done anything like this before. I am thankful to candi for asking me to be her stage manager, and being with these amazing actors is an experience I will never forget. It was all so special." ~Mrs. Karen Scott Burson, Stage Manager, "That Day" by candi dugas

"candi's work [Wild + Free] is HOT!!! Exactly. Searing, amorous, exotic, intense. But also in its thematic interpretation - purposely not following the rules - a fiery renegade of storytelling, like great music that is everything that you need while never being what you expect - a parallel of perfect intervals." ~Mia Kristin Smith, MFA (Director for Wild + Free Reading by candi dugas, 2017)

"I appreciate the positive support system [at Broadway Brunch™]. It was nice to come together with people of different backgrounds to discuss a common theme. Friendly tone, nice people! And it was proactive - if we did need further engagement, we were given gentle direction." ~Broadway Brunch Audience Member 1

"candi constantly challenges me to help her support her stories with a different approach to structure." ~Daphne Mintz, Dramaturg

"You may want to reserve your seat TODAY. So far, seats for every Broadway Brunch tend to go quickly. If you want to be there, get yours today." ~Hank Kimmel, Award-winning Playwright/Working Title Playwrights Board Member

“I support events that engage the community through the arts.” ~Broadway Brunch Audience Member 2

"I support colleagues, and innovative programming." ~Matt Lupo, Award-winning Playwright

  • rich imagery and metaphor”
  • effective use of music and spirituality”
  • strong family dynamics”
  • curious mixture of sexuality and spirituality”
  • all strong and rich characters”
  • no damsel in distress and no male-bashing

~Award-winning Desire’s Kiss WTP On-Demand Reading Audience Feedback

"candi hired me as a consultant to assist with getting her organization's annual audit done and improve their financial systems account structure and reporting. She is a very detailed, multi-tasked oriented manager. candi also communicates goals and objectives clearly for her teams. She is not afraid to roll up her sleeves and get dirty. candi is a very hard worker. It was a pleasure to work with her. ~Gretchen Fuller, CPA

candi is highly recommended as a prolific writer, author, and minister of the gospel. She is a capable and competent professional. She has excellent technical skills, and is an expert in such areas as meditation, worship, and strategic planning. candi is serious, dedicated, creative, honest, and reliable. She has integrity, effective communication skills, and inspires visions. ~Rev. Dr. Pearl Perez

candi is a very organized person who pays attention to details while also looking at the big picture. She is a joy to work with and very innovative. A very talented person, I trust candi to execute in all areas of an organization. ~Sharon Glover, Retired IBM Project Manager

"candi has the unique gift to open up experience of the Divine beyond the limits placed by the world. Her shared creativity invites others on a journey of joyful discovery that moves toward deeper listening, learning and living in God." ~Rev. Stacey Rushing