rooted in Spirituality

Spirituality is the heart + soul of building freed•dom for Black people.

It's our life-force. It's our essence.

the candi dugas collective (cdc) invites you to immerse yourself in our visionary, syncretic spiritual offerings - from meditations to other spiritual practices like journaling - to help heal + ground you, increase your mindfulness, support your decision-making, manifest your dreams, and more! 🥰

Full freedom is our goal, and this collective gets there by healing, thru the arts, rooted in spirituality. Our syncretic approach to spirituality means that we broaden our embrace of the Divine beyond any one particular faith/belief tradition. We have experienced Spirit in several contexts which has led us to an understanding that just like other ideological considerations - our greatest access to ultimate truth lives in a sweet spot of a multi-path intersection.

Here, you can expect to find spiritual experiences that reflect (in alpha order): African Traditional Religions, Buddhism, Catholicism (nuanced for equity + liberation), Christianity of the Black Church, Dagara, Hoodoo, Ifa, Indigenous, Judaism, Kabbalah, Native American, Oracle, Tarot, Voudun, Yoruba.

We look forward to journeying with you on these sacred paths of healing, becoming stronger, and flourishing as we affect sustainable social change for better lives for ourselves + our communities!