Social Impact (TdM)

Discerning candi dugas collective's current direction is clear for Black people's full freedom.

We have to build it.

Spirit spoke in October 2020, asking me, “What are you building today?”

We have education and legacy today because our ancestors built it yesterday. Whatever we and our descendants lack today is because we stopped building for ourselves, and opted in to live in what Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. aptly feared is a burning house.

Ever since chattel slavery ended as we knew it in the antebellum American south, the only/primary example of full freedom for most Black people was that exhibited by our ancestors' oppressors. This example has evolved to become the white privilege/supremacy standard of achievement that too many of us chase today. Dr. Daniel Black had me at, "Oooooo ..." as he confirmed this perspective on the Karen Hunter Show (August 2023), clearly declaring that our part as Black people in ending racism is ending our pursuit of material ownership which is at the root of US-based racism:

In other words - how 'bout we stop passing for white???


I love the honest answers of my siblings when asked what freedom looks like for them:

"How can I know what freedom looks like for me when I've never been free?"

I love that they know that the oppressor's image of freedom is not one we should aspire to -- leaving unanswered what our image of freedom out to be.

I love that it's unanswered! Being unanswered means we have a great big ol' blank canvas to paint in bold, glorious colors a vision of a truly equitable future -- paint it plain so we can run with it ...

... and build it.

This perspective is The dugas Method of social impact (beyond social change) - building freed•dom from Divine vision that we can only see when we go within and dare to live it out with strategy + sacrifice for the future.

Join us today in making a sustainable social impact!

  1. Start by beginning or continuing a daily meditation practice. (Explore cdc's resources - especially/including this vid on self-care as our antidote to racism - if you do not have your own yet.)
  2. Journal (written, audio, video) all divine inspirations, dreams, ideas, plans, etc.
  3. Connect with individuals, communities, and organizations that resonate/align with what you're envisioning. Join your plans with theirs - and build it. (Subscribe to our newsletter as one connection to community!)