Agile Project Management (TdM)

Embrace a New Era of Agile Excellence

The dugas Method of Agile Project Management is not just an approach to manage your programs/projects; it's a transformation.

TdM offers a holistic approach to project management that not only covers the technical aspects, but prioritizes your cultural and mindset aspects. With our method, we deliver expansive value by helping to lead your work to significant improvements and innovations that can ripple to the rest of how your organization manages projects.

Before it was called "agile," dr candi's signature approach to project management already operated understanding that our dynamic world requires a flexible methodology for our projects. Agility allows us to respond in real-time with the ebbs and flows of ever-evolving landscapes and unforeseen challenges. To be excellent in project management means we also measure with innovation, a commitment to people and relationships, and delivering exceptional value to key audiences.

Welcome to The dugas Method.

  1. Adaptability and Innovation: We think + act creatively and proactively - the qualities you need for any project, and especially one that may be in crisis. This also means we create open + safe space for continuous learning and improvement. This leads to a more dynamic and forward-thinking project management culture.
  2. Wholistic Approach: Our strategies prioritize people and our relationships. More than the mechanics required for smooth implementation, we know the people "behind" the mechanics are what makes the magic happen, delivering desired results.
  3. Cultural Shift: The dugas Method often creates or contributes to a cultural shift within our clients' organizations. Teams collaborate more efficiently/effectively. We often see a heightened focus on stakeholder engagement, a more adaptable and flexible internal project management approach, and an emphasis on delivering value that prioritizes benefits for key audiences, a crucial aspect of Agile methodologies. Providing customer-centric solutions that truly address the needs of stakeholders allows this approach - and your work - to shine.

Connect with us to unlock the power of innovation, adaptability, and delivering lasting value to your projects. Experience Agile Project Management at its finest with The dugas Method.

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