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"We ain't free - we just loose." ~Pavielle

And we've decided - Black + white - that just being loose is nowhere near good enough. And you? Join us.

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What we intend is to be fully free. What we know is that full freed-dom must be built - from the inside. This inner work creates optimum, holistic health - the secret ingredient that's been missing in our centuries-old quest for full freedom.

Do you want full freedom?

You know our record: we've escaped, strategized, revolted, died, marched, protested, boycotted, shattered glass ceilings --- and we still find full freedom elusive, beyond our grasp.

With all we've done - we've yet to be fully free becauuuuuse we've yet to heal ... as a people.

It's that simple annnnnd that difficult. 😘

We've yet to heal because we remain in the same place that's wounded us (+ our ancestors) - just waiting for the next blow. And like our sister explains below, until we do something radically different, our lack of freedom is our own choice - our choice to accept looseness for freedom, our choice to hang on to beliefs that do not propel us forward, our choice to repeat the same methods of liberation that do not deliver.

"White supremacy lives and breathes in our bodies."

Resmaa Menakem's book, My Grandmother's Hands: Racialized Trauma and the Pathway to Mending our Hearts and Bodies, is confirmation for dr dugas of a theory that had been developing within her for months prior to reading the book - #gamechanger!

It dawned on her one day going about her routines that if Black people have inherited trauma from the violence of white supremacy and racism, so have white people - huh???

If we're raised in the United States of America, "white supremacy lives and breathes in our bodies," ALL of our bodies.

So, while all of the strategies + methods we've employed to rid this nation of white supremacy/racism have had some benefits, they will never achieve this goal - because they are centered around our cognitive brain, and the issue is elsewhere - embedded in our lizard brain, in our nervous + limbic systems.

The issue is unhealed, inherited traumatic wounds.

The solution is rather simple, even if sometimes difficult to implement -- healing.

So, in the near future, cda will premiere its next series of on-demand, online courses -- including this 4-week mini-course with dr dugas: 1st Step to Free Yourself.

For cda, healing = freedom.

The freedom Black people have been pursuing continues to elude us because we have yet to heal - individually or collectively.

Turn your attention with us to our wounds so we can be free!

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