Retirement Planning

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Secure, Effective Non-traditional Retirement Plans ARE Available NOW for Creatives + Gig Workers

Creatives, gig workers + other non-traditional workers generally have not had access to robust retirement planning as their counterparts do in traditional careers.

Facing retirement herself in the coming decades as a creative, dr dugas has discovered a few promising pathways that align well for those who have pursued their out-of-the-box passions -- and now need a reliable pathway for their latter years.

Determining a kind of financial planning that works for creatives, rather than forcing creatives to fit into yet another square box, has been a goal she's chased the past several years -- and we're excited to be very close to sharing with you soon cda's recommended pathways!

In the meantime, check out a few resources below that speak to the issue, and subscribe to cda's mailing list so that you can receive the recommendations' announcement:

Selected Resources RE Retirement Needs and Solutions for Creatives + Gig Workers

Pew Study - "Freelance, Gig, and Other Nontraditional Workers Face Difficulties Saving for Retirement: Expert panel assesses the obstacles, and ways to help these workers set aside more money for their futures"

Real Simple Article - "How to Plan for Retirement in the Gig Economy: There are an estimated 57 million Americans currently participating in some form of gig work, from freelancers to the self-employed—and all of us should be able to retire well. Here's how."

US Bank Blog - "Retirement planning in the gig economy: Self-employment changes how you save for retirement."

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