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Stillness Melanated Meditation for Healing & Self-care - cover page

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dr dugas shares an updated excerpt from her book Bootlicked to Balanced: Healing the Mind, Freeing the Spirit, which is an introduction to meditation.

This e-book will help structure and ground a spiritual practice that helps us heal, contribute to daily self-care + build freed•dom.

It also includes links to videos from Dr. Howard Thurman, and dr dugas' list of 9 ways to meditate (source: Healthline).

"Stillness: Melanated Meditation for Healing & Self-care" is particularly designed with the beginner or newly returning meditation practitioner in mind - however, those of us at all levels can benefit from it.

candi's foundation_grounding - FREE resource 21-22 (1)

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dr dugas shares 7 approaches that helped her survive white supremacy + racism in a toxic, hostile work environment.

This ebook is for anyone enduring the same, to help them develop their own survival guide until they're able to escape.

NOTE: The "1st Step to Free Yourself" online course that is promoted in this ebook is not currently offered. If this topic interests you, please be sure you're on our mailing list so that you're among the 1st to know when it resumes!

resources for codependence and dysregulated behavior

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dr dugas shares helpful resources for anyone feeling trapped by self-destructive + co-dependent behaviors.

This ebook is for anyone who wants to break free to breathe - to be healthy and whole.

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