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  • open letter calling for accountability of racial discrimination and white supremacy to the united methodist council of bishops and general secretaries 27 April 2021
    From the Desk of the rev. dr. candi dugas | 27 April 2021 Just because an organization is a church, it should not be allowed to get away with unlawful practices. Shortly before Thanksgiving 2019, despite and because of phenomenal success in my work, Rev. Sara Webb Phillips of the North Georgia Conference of theContinue […]
    rev. dr. candi
  • like calvin on “queen sugar,” white people need to turn themselves in: decentering whiteness 25 April 2021
    Lately I’ve been very interested in decentering whiteness, wanting nothing of our liberation movement to have anything to do with white oppression — no more conversations, webinars, town halls, strategy sessions, recommended book lists, podcasts, et al, about what to do with/about white (as a construct) people and the issues they create for Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian,Continue […]
    rev. dr. candi
  • black women: ready for our flowers 30 March 2021
    I’m thinkin’ we go about life not reflecting on it all that much, because if we did — when we do — we’d be paralyzed by what’s really going on (frfr) and then everything would stop. Work unfinished, meals uncooked, homework incomplete, dirty things unclean, movements un-fought. A few years ago I wrote and posted a poemContinue […]
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  • aretha 26 March 2021
    Happy birthday, Ms. Franklin! Like millions of viewers, I’ve recently completed watching “Genius: Aretha” produced on the National Geographic channel, and streamed on Hulu. While many people have been upset about how this production covered her life, since I did not know her personally, I do not know enough about her actual life to compareContinue […]
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  • Gorgeous 16 June 2018
    #abundance #gratitude #breezy #southernmornings #farewellspring #tbt #gardenlove #caress #freedomtofly (c) 2018 candi dugas, llc
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