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  • black women: ready for our flowers 30 March 2021
    I’m thinkin’ we go about life not reflecting on it all that much, because if we did — when we do — we’d be paralyzed by what’s really going on (frfr) and then everything would stop. Work unfinished, meals uncooked, homework incomplete, dirty things unclean, movements un-fought. A few years ago I wrote and posted a poemContinue […]
    rev. dr. candi
  • aretha 26 March 2021
    Happy birthday, Ms. Franklin! Like millions of viewers, I’ve recently completed watching “Genius: Aretha” produced on the National Geographic channel, and streamed on Hulu. While many people have been upset about how this production covered her life, since I did not know her personally, I do not know enough about her actual life to compareContinue […]
    rev. dr. candi
  • Gorgeous 16 June 2018
    #abundance #gratitude #breezy #southernmornings #farewellspring #tbt #gardenlove #caress #freedomtofly (c) 2018 candi dugas, llc
    rev. dr. candi
  • Parched 22 May 2018
      #choices #todaystime #myownlifewriter #freedomtofly (c) candi dugas, llc 2018
    rev. dr. candi
  • Worthiness 9 April 2018
    #journey #worthiness #transformation #freedomtofly (c) candi dugas, llc 2018  
    rev. dr. candi