Freedom calls like the air we need to breathe,

like the water we need to be hydrated,

like the food we need to be nourished,

like the shelter we need to be protected.

Freedom allows us to BE all that we were created to be - to live out G~d's design for us and our lives.

"What it like to be free, African, what it like?" ~Fiddler, Roots

With freedom we each can come to the table fully as we are and contribute to conversation, to change and to curious creativity. Life then becomes a rich tapestry of affirming the other, allowing diversity and activating our potential. Here, only beauty lives - and peace, justice as well as faith. This way of life is what we stand for, work toward and expect.

We invite you to join us at our table.

NOTE: The work and opinions expressed via our website, social media sites, blogs, etc. belong to candi dugas, llc and are not necessarily those of our clients, partners and networks.


Our Vision and Position

We are a creative collective interested in crafting spaces for all people to BE freedom.

We exist to show how complete freedom in faith is possible, sharing our journey stories and supporting others with theirs. We change the conversation.


candi's Story

Our founder – rev. candi dugas, d.min. – more than anything, loves shaping stories, especially the kind that change conversations – whether it's scriptwriting (video, film, theatre) or strategic messaging. And more than anything, she does not like limitations or labels. Limitations, labels and the like essentially become restrictions, which are antithetical to candi’s conviction of the freedom life offers to each one of us.

Particularly drawn to alternative approaches to recognizable issues and topics that can make meaningful differences in the lives of our audiences, candi shares the power of story through the work of candi dugas & associates (cda) since 2007. With its beauty and substance, all art embodies the power to affect positive change. candi insists on cda’s work being the kind that infuses art with contemplative content; then, our creativity is more than a mere event to be enjoyed. Rather, it becomes an experience that lives well beyond a date on our calendars.

“Our goal is to change the conversation. When we do that, people will live into the change – whatever that turns out to be for them.” ~candi dugas

candi is an ordained clergyperson in The Church Within a Church Movement, an alumna of Columbia Theological Seminary, Gammon Seminary/The Interdenominational Theological Center, the University of Florida (Go Gators!), Lakeside High School and Saints Peter and Paul Catholic School (now Saint Peter Claver Regional Catholic School). She is also a member of ARRAY, the Dramatists Guild, Working Title Playwrights, C4 Atlanta and an alumna of Ela Thier's Independent Film School, United Way of Metro Atlanta’s Volunteer Involvement Program. candi is also one of the few natives you'll find in Atlanta and mother to an amazing young woman, Jordan. READ candi's writer/producer history and/or her vitae.

Be in touch to let us know how we can help you live into your freedom – to be all that you were created to be.