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Who Told You That You Were Naked?

Black Women Reclaiming Sexual & Spiritual Goodness

dr. candi dugas



Be more of the woman that you know inside - without revolving desire, guilt and shame.

"If that's true [rethinking traditional ideals], I would be more me. That makes me okay. It's all right." ~Nel


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Dating for single Black Christian women just became a bit simpler!

The Black church traditionally preaches a Christian sexual ethic that limits making love to marriage, but single women who look more closely at the Bible, and beyond it, can make their dating lives a bit simpler.


"Eventually the subject of sex - whether to have it or not - always comes up in a dating relationship," explains Dr. Candi Dugas. "If one or both partners insist on abstinence, sex then becomes the center of their relationship, rather than their mutual affection and the simple joys of appreciating each other's company."


Who Told You That You Were Naked? empowers single Black women of faith with the information and tools they crave to make their own decisions for their own lives.


"When I first came in here, it was about, 'This is what the virtuous woman would say.' Now I have to question what I believe. This [conversation] opens up some dialogue within myself." ~Mary


Only $14.99 paperback, order below | $9.99 Kindle, click here to order


Trade paperback (6x9) — 244 pages

ISBN: 978-1-4781-9536-8







Bootlicked to Balanced:

Healing the Mind, Freeing the Spirit

dr. candi dugas


Whatever changes you want to make, begin inside of you . . .

"... we must make '... being the guardian of our inner life ... our highest priority. . . . Our inner world is the architect of our external world . . . We aren't happy because we are healthy; we're healthy because we are happy. With our minds we are creating our days; by our choices we are building either the harmony or the pain we experience. The life you are living reflects the life you have already established inside.'"

~ Susan Taylor, in Bootlicked to Balanced, p. 69


Bootlicked to Balanced asks readers, “At this very moment, are you, your greatest self?”  This book is one of few works that specifically leads readers on a God-seeking journey through meditation and Christian scripture.  The journey is one of discovering and reconciling the self’s essential parts in order to move closer to God.  Listen inwardly, face issues, converse with God, and become your greatest self!  A Christian Post Best Seller!

To experience written and audio excerpts...


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Any change you want to make,

begins with you - from the inside . . .


Trade paperback (6x9) — 90 pages

ISBN: 978-1-4415-1774-6


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