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     Established in 2007 candi dugas, llc creates space for us all to be and to become. We are not all the same, nor are we meant to be. The world has a more enriching flavor when we allow our unique selves to come forth and be all of who we are!

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     Dr. Candi Dugas, founder and president, is an award-winning writer, advocate and church communications consultant, connecting with others while sharing her uncommon blend of talents, skills, and abilities to affect wisdom, knowledge, and understanding for the world’s well-being.  Candi enters this world primarily as a practical, spiritually focused theologian - always wondering how we can make better that which is not, but ought to be.



         As young as she can remember, Candi has been quite disturbed by imbalances in society, what some call injustice. Righting wrongs, being better, healing hurts, etc. compose the foundations of her work. She seeks with others the places where we can engage that which we've disagreed with, causing us to seek something More or simply something Else.

candi dugas, llc helps us get to the More

. . . or to the Else.

     Candi works with some of the world’s most passionate leaders concerned with exceptional results, authentic justice and holistic growth for those of us who need it the most.  For more on Candi’s qualifications and experience, please see below:





Living with a somewhat diverse spiritual background - Southern Baptist, United Methodist, Roman Catholic, and Pentecostal - creates for her a "hybrid" understanding of G~d. Therefore, Candi contends that somewhere in the nexus of humanity's various grasps of G~d, we can find a "sweet spot" that moves us as close to the Infinite as finite beings can progress. This sweet spot, this relationship with self, G~d and with each other, ought to be the ultimate, the primary pursuit of any faith-based organization - rather than ritual and rhetoric.
























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Creating constantly and seeking the betterment of God’s people.



Convene networks and manage projects that promote wisdom, knowledge and understanding for the world’s well-being.




God-intimacy             Authenticity

Passion                      Wisdom (knowledge + understanding)

Destiny, purpose        Truth, justice

Excellence                 Balance

Creativity, vision       Intercultural & interfaith connections



NOTE: The work and opinions expressed via our web site, social media sites, blogs, etc. belong to candi dugas, llc and are not necessarily those of our clients, partners and networks.

“Candi is a very organized person who pays attention to details while also looking

at the big picture. 

She is a joy to work with and very innovative. 

A very talented person,

I trust her to

execute in all areas

of an organization.”

Sharon Glover

Project Manager, IBM

Norfolk, VA


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