When we tell black stories, we change the conversation in ways that compel COMPLETE freedomβ„’.

That's why white patriarchy fights so fiercely to suppress our voices.

candi dugas & associates curates original content that conveys authentic black storytelling along a rainbow of experiences - from writing and developing scripts for the performing arts to social media messaging.

Our words entertain, empower, and guide audiences strategically to take action and achieve results for us all.


There's a longing that lives in our breath that requires us to curate spaces for us all to BE saturated in our BEing.

There is no way we cannot do this work.

We ARE compelled.

You are too. What is the irresistible call from G~d/Universe to you for this life journey? Answering calls requires faith/belief.

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Purpose must be fulfilled - it is persistent & never lets go until it is satisfied -

until it is complete.

It's an ever-presence that never allows peace unless it's embraced and followed forward.

Its pathways can seem incredibly illogical; yet, they make sense in the end - while its journey will always be more important than your destination.

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Freedom calls like the air we need to breathe, like the water we need to be hydrated, like the food we need to be nourished, like the shelter we need to be protected.

And freedom relies on faith/belief & justice. It allows us to complete the journeys to which we are compelled.

Check out our resources below for affecting justice for ourselves, to honor our ancestors, and to clear paths for our descendants.

Changing Conversations with Contemplative Creativity

Hello - thank you so much for stopping by!

I founded candi dugas & associates in 2007 as a creative collective to craft spaces for all people to BE freedom. We exist to show how complete freedom in faith is possible, sharing our journey stories and supporting others with theirs. We change the conversation.

Shaping stories, eliminating labels and limitations, infusing alternative approaches to recognizable issues, reframing what we think we know and/or believe - all lead to contemplative creativity that will live well beyond a couple of hours in a theatre.

Check the various ways to connect with us as we pursue freedom like our lives depend on it - because they do πŸ€—πŸ’œπŸ’ƒπŸ½



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Next Steps...

We are here to help you grow - spiritually and professionally. If you do not see an offer that fills your needs, let us know πŸ‘‰πŸ½ and we can recommend resources that may be able to do just what you need. #WereAllInThisTogether πŸ’œ