Whatever your faith - connected to a religion or not - the essence of who we are is spirit, of our reality is the intangible. If I lose or break my umbrella, I can get another one because the actual thing lives in the idea, not the object. So, when living by faith becomes our ongoing practice, we can navigate life much easier, more peacefully, and successfully.


Freedom calls like the air we need to breathe, like the water we need to be hydrated, like the food we need to be nourished, like the shelter we need to be protected.

Freedom allows us to BE all that we were designed and created to be - to live out the destinies of our own lives, and making possible the destinies of the lives that depend on us.

"What it like to be free, African, what it like?" ~Fiddler, Roots (1977)


Without justice, there will be no true reconciliation between the oppressed and the oppressor.

We affirm Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s assertion, "The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice."

This righting of wrongs is the tangible part of our living, the works that reflect and certify our faith - and our freedom.

Changing Conversations with Contemplative Creativity

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I founded candi dugas & associates in 2007 as a creative collective to craft spaces for all people to BE freedom. We exist to show how complete freedom in faith is possible, sharing our journey stories and supporting others with theirs. We change the conversation.

Shaping stories, eliminating labels and limitations, infusing alternative approaches to recognizable issues, reframing what we think we know and/or believe - all lead to contemplative creativity that will live well beyond a couple of hours in a theatre.

NOTE: Our site is still under construction. We're working on the Next Steps section below and the Call to Action button below - along with more information about cda's creative collaborations + my scripts and books.

Feel free to check out everything else, and connect with us regarding what interests you.



candi dugas, d.min.

candi dugas

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